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NEW! Multi Channel GPS Dash Camera (4 Cameras in Real-time) happy to annouce its new Multi Channel GPS Dash Camera (4 Cameras in Real-time)

Now with Dual micro SD slots provide a maximum of 512 GB on-device storage, allowing for up to 5 days 4 cameras recording simultaneously.

LTE GPS dashcam system designed specifically for use in commercial vehicles, is capable of recording 4 separate channels simultaneously, and provides valuable ADAS and DMS algorithms that actively assist drivers increase awareness and safety on the road by providing real-time, actionable alerts. Video clips triggered by key events or the in-cab SOS button are saved to the cloud for later review or evidentiary support.

Video Visibility via Up to 4 Channels in Real-time

This IoT camera has 1 built-in camera (720P by default or 1080P upon your request) and supports up to 3 remote cameras (optional) to monitor the outside, the cabin, the sides, the rear, or the driver of a vehicle regardless of it being in motion or parking. Some of the cameras can even sound alerts to remind drivers or passengers of any potential risks.

The ADAS algorithm embedded enables the JC450 to warn drivers of possible collisions to prevent safety-critical incidents and improve vehicle safety.

How can Drive Cameras improve with insurance cost ?

You can show your insurance company that your business is being proactive about fleet and driver safety by showing :

Using in-cab technology to determine if your drivers and vehicles are operating safely can be critical to helping you reduce risk and protect your brand.

Dual-Facing GPS Dash Cameras help to monitor distracted & drowsy driving Build your fleet's safety culture

Front Facing Dash Cameras helps reduce risky driving with alerts Defend drivers from false claims

Using it for driver safety and coaching: In-cab feedback and video coaching 50% fewer accidents and lower costs

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