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Connected intelligence for every industry.

  • Distributions
    Manage your mobile workforce more efficiently WIT GPS solutions help you create smarter routes for every vehicle in your fleet, helping to make deliveries quicker, safer, more predictable and more responsive. Find optimal routes, then adapt in real time to sudden changes in traffic and weather. Provide your customers accurate ETAs and get your drivers to their doorsteps with frustration-reducing “last-mile” routing. And meet the intense demands of seasonal surges with long-range capacity planning tools. Help cut costs without cutting corners Our planning and management solutions help you find-and capitalize on-hidden efficiencies in your operation, to scale as SKUs proliferate and deliver more dependably when time windows are tight. We show you how to make better use of the vehicles and depots you already own to help improve capacity, reduce overall cost per case (CPC) and stay competitive in a highly demanding environment.
  • Construction & heavy equipment
    Manage your construction fleet with GPS tracking for construction and heavy equipment. WIT GPS provides better visibility with managing multiple job sites and resources. Our software helps ROI, increased productivity, more efficient maintenance, promotes safe driving behavior and asset security. Address issues before they become accidents Data-driven solutions from WIT GPS help you create a safer work environment for your construction business-one that protects your people and equipment both on and off the road. Our powerful tools analyze your operations and head off accidents that cause project delays, productivity losses and increases in insurance premiums and incident-related paperwork. Reduce downtime and increase output WIT GPS improves your productivity on the construction site, no matter what challenges you face. Our GPS fleet tracking software allows you to monitor your heavy equipment, reducing the instances and impacts of lost, stolen, misused or underutilized assets. And when you minimize downtime, you prevent damage-extending the life of your equipment and gaining time for maintenance accuracy.
  • Services & specialty trades
    See all your team members in a single dashboard Monitor your workers locations and movements in real time with GPS tracking solutions from WIT GPS. Use our convenient online dashboard to effortlessly filter data and get everyone on the same page-or screen. Better visibility is an important first step toward improving plans, deployments and on-the-fly adjustments of your resources. Keep track of your people, vehicles and assets, together Manage jobs more efficiently with data-rich field dispatch software WIT GPS streamlines work order management to make sure you send the right person to the right place at the right time-every time. Track the essential details of your service business, from precise job costs to available workers and equipment, to deploy your assets more quickly and effectively. Our synchronized scheduling process positions you to meet more demands with fewer resources. Delight customers with faster, more reliable service Provide a level of customer communication and care your competitors can’t match with WIT GPS solutions for the service industry. Promise tight time windows, share accurate service time estimates and respond to customer requests more quickly with immediate insights derived from real-time data. Find faster routes, schedule more efficient stops and enable your drivers and technicians to communicate easily with your customers to meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) and keep them happy.
  • Transportation & logistics
    Our GPS truck tracking software helps fleets stay compliant with industry mandates and route restrictions, keeps fuel costs low by improving navigation, promotes driver safety and helps increase on-time deliveries with route optimization, last minute route customization and more accurate arrival times. Every percent of fuel saved is a big deal. It’s time to use a truck tracking solution that commonly saves trucking fleets an average of up to 25% on their annual fuel spend.* We can give you the tools and actual driving data you need to encourage a reduced fuel spend across your entire fleet: Secure fuel card integration – access to network discounts. Fuel card fraud protection to prevent theft. Report on a vehicle’s MPG to identify fuel waste. Coach drivers to be smart about fuel use. Minimize unnecessary idling. Reduce out-of-route miles or unauthorized use. Provide accurate last-mile navigation, right to the loading dock. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save when you combine all these fuel-saving features.
  • Government & public safety Powerful solutions for those who serve
    WIT GPS provides solutions for government fleet tracking and management for greater efficiency with monitoring greenhouse emissions, asset tracking and disaster response coordination. We provide vehicle diagnostic reports to create proactive maintenance plans, which help control repair costs and reduce downtime. Streamline vehicle maintenance, utilization and accounting Create proactive maintenance plans for your government fleet and watch the benefits boost your bottom line. Our data-rich diagnostic reports help you reduce repair costs, eliminate downtime, enhance service and improve safety. With comprehensive asset tracking, you see when, where and how your vehicles are being used and make more informed decisions to “right-size” your fleet-buying, redeploying and selling as needed. And our solutions work seamlessly with your back-office systems to automate maintenance and accelerate accounting. Find efficiencies fast Cut costs across your agency fleet, while meeting size and vehicle utilization mandates, with powerful GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities from WIT GPS.
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