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Full Privacy Policy

Protecting our customers' privacy is an important priority at Wireless & IP Technologies (WIT) and we are committed to maintaining strong and meaningful privacy protections. The privacy of your information is a significant responsibility and we value the trust you place in us.


Our Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options regarding certain uses of this information. This policy also describes privacy rights you have under certain federal laws.


This policy applies to WIT website visitors, app users, applicants and customers in the United States. The policy applies across the WIT family of companies and the products and services we provide, except it does not apply to Oath, MapQuest or Visible affiliates (which have separate privacy policies) or in other specific circumstances we describe below. The WIT family of companies includes the companies and joint ventures controlled by WIT, including the WIT telephone companies, WIT Enterprise Solutions, WIT Wireless, WIT Online, WIT, MapQuest, Visible and Oath. Some WIT services and apps such as Hum, Message+ and AppFlash have additional privacy practices that are presented separately. If there is a conflict between this privacy policy and the service-specific policies, the service-specific policy governs when you are using that service.


A separate policy governs the collection of personal data by the WIT family of companies (excluding Oath, MapQuest and Visible) outside the United States. Also, contracts between WIT and its business customers (both U.S. and international) may contain additional privacy-related terms and conditions that are presented in other ways.


See recent changes to the privacy policy


Information we collect and how it is used

We collect information when you interact with us and when you use our products, services and sites. This includes information you provide such as name and contact information, images, voice recordings or voiceprints, other biometric identifiers, the reason for contacting us, driver’s license number, Social Security Number and payment information. It also includes service and device information such as call records, websites visited, wireless location, application and feature usage, network and device data including battery life and apps on your device, product and device-specific information and identifiers, router connections, service options, mobile and device numbers, video streaming and video packages and usage, movie rental and purchase data, TV and video viewership, and other similar information.


We collect wireless location information (including cell site, Wi-Fi and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data) in different ways, for example, when your device connects to our network and through system and mobile applications on your device. You have choices about certain collection and uses of this information.


We use the information we collect to deliver and maintain products and services; establish, monitor and maintain your account and billing records; measure credit and payment risk; provide account-related services; help you with service-related issues or questions; manage and protect our networks, services, and users from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; help us improve and personalize our services, and research and develop new products and services; authenticate you; determine your eligibility for new products and services, and deliver marketing offers to you.


We may measure and monitor network performance and the performance of your connections to secure and improve your, or our, services and products. For example, WIT wireless devices may include system software that gathers information about network and device conditions, including the location of network handoffs that we use for these purposes. If you contact us for service support, we may access information about your device or its settings to customize our technical support.


Information we collect may be aggregated or otherwise de-identified for business and marketing uses by us or by third parties. For example, aggregate or de-identified data may be used to improve our services, measure and analyze the use of services and to help make services and advertising more relevant to you. You can opt out of certain of these uses, for example our Relevant Mobile Advertising, Relevant Online Advertising and Business and Marketing Insights programs discussed below.


When you contact us or we contact you, we may monitor or record that communication or keep a record of the transaction to help us train employees or other support resources or systems and to better serve you. When you communicate with us, we may use artificial intelligence guided by humans, such as chat bots, to respond to your inquiry. If you communicate with us through third-party services like Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Message, your communications are also governed by these companies’ privacy policies.


When you establish an account or register on our sites or apps, we collect information about your user identification, password and secret questions and answers. We use this information to authenticate you.


We may also receive information from Oath and will honor the choices Oath users make about the uses of this information when we receive and use this data.


WIT will obtain your affirmative consent before we use information we gathered in the course of providing broadband Internet access services about your visits over time to different non-WIT websites to customize ads specifically to you. One such program is WIT Selects.


Information provided to us by third parties

When you purchase products or apply for service with us, we may obtain credit information about you from outside credit reporting agencies to help us with customer authentication and credit-related decisions. If you lease your residence, we may have information about how to reach your landlord and whether landlord permission is required to install our facilities.


WIT obtains information from outside companies including demographic and interest data (such as gender, age range, education level, sports enthusiast, or frequent diner), as well as information such as device type, carrier, city and state. We use this data and combine it with other information we have about you to help make marketing offers more relevant to you, and to help us better analyze customer information for business analytics and modeling purposes.


When you use social media credentials to login to or interact with a WIT site or offer, we may collect information about your social media profile, such as your interests, “likes” and friends list. We use this information, for example, to personalize your WIT experiences and marketing communications, to enhance our services, and to better serve you. You can control this data sharing via options in your social media accounts.


We also obtain contact information and other marketing lead information from third parties, website “refer-a-friend” options or social media platforms and may combine it with information we have to contact you or direct WIT's marketing offers to you.


Information collected on WIT websites and apps

We collect information about your device, connection and interactions with WIT websites and apps. This includes information about your visit such as: IP address, mobile phone number, device numbers and identifiers; account information; web addresses of the sites you come from and go to next; screen records; device browser, operating system, platform type, connection speed and other attributes; and browsing, searching and buying activities. We use this information for operational, performance measurement and other business purposes including detecting and preventing fraud; and to help us deliver more relevant WIT marketing messages on our websites, on non-WIT websites, by our representatives, via mail and email, or via other WIT services or devices. This information may also be used to tailor the content and advertising you see, manage the frequency with which you see ads, understand advertising effectiveness, assess the effectiveness of our sites, and respond to requests about navigation issues on our sites.


WIT vendors may place and read cookies on our sites to help us deliver WIT marketing messages as described above. We require these vendors to provide you with the ability to opt out of their use of information for these purposes. When information is used to deliver WIT marketing messages on non-WIT sites, in accordance with industry self-regulatory principles, you should see this icon  in or around the WIT ads.


When you click on this icon, you should see information about the companies and data practices used to deliver the ad and instructions for opting out of interest-based advertising. To find out more about choices you have, you can visit the "How to limit the sharing and use of your information" section below.


View information about "cookies" and related technologies


Information you provide

When you contact us for information or when you enter a WIT-sponsored or affiliated contest, sweepstakes or promotion, we may use the information you supply to provide you with information about WIT services, programs and offerings. Certain promotions may require that we disclose information such as contest winners or provide information for prize fulfillment, and as required by law or permitted by the promotion’s official rules. Information you provide on our websites about your preferred location and other preferences may be used to provide you with more relevant product recommendations, services and special offers.


If you provide information to us in the context of an event or promotion that WIT sponsors with another organization, or if you visit a co-sponsored site or use a co-sponsored service, you also may be providing information to the co-sponsor. You should refer to that co-sponsor's privacy policy for information about its practices, which may differ from WIT's practices.


We also collect information from you when you participate in surveys or provide other feedback to us regarding our products or services, when you register to access our content, receive news or policy updates, or when you apply for a job with or a grant from WIT. We use this information for the purpose for which you provide it.


WIT may send you emails about your account or about products, services, and promotions that may be of interest to you. We may collect information when you open these emails or click on links within the emails. This information is used to personalize the content of the emails themselves and make future communications and marketing more interesting to you. Please note that WIT will not ask you to send sensitive personal or account information via email.


Additional information for WIT Wireless customers

WIT Wireless includes a unique identifier in certain web traffic from your mobile device to help deliver relevant advertising. If you opt out of the Relevant Mobile Advertising program and you have not joined WIT Selects, WIT Wireless will stop inserting the Unique Identifier Header (UIDH). The identifier will continue to appear for a short period of time while we are updating our systems.


Some wireless devices include WIT-provided system applications that collect information about network and device conditions, including location. We use this information to secure and improve our network, services and products. Location information may also be used for emergency purposes (such as E911) and with your consent at other times.


Additional WIT-provided system applications may automatically install apps when you activate your device and with your consent at later times. For example, we may install an app you request when interacting with a voice response system or an advertisement. This software records information when an app it places is first opened or is uninstalled and may update or send notifications about apps on your device. Some apps installed by our system application do not have icons on the device screen. These apps have limited utility such as facilitating app downloads, automatically updating apps you already have on your device, or reporting to an app owner that an app has been opened. You can see, control, and delete or disable the WIT system apps as well as apps installed in the ways described in this paragraph (whether the apps do or do not have icons on your device screen) using your device’s Application Manager under Settings. Non-WIT apps on your device are governed by their own terms and privacy policy.


Some optional WIT applications may describe uses of location information and request your permission for the app to collect location data from your device. You can change your choice at any time using your device controls or as otherwise described by the app.


Information about the Cable Act

To the extent that Section 631 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the "Cable Act") applies to services you purchase, it entitles you to know about the personally identifiable information a cable service provider collects. This includes the nature of the use and disclosure of this information and to whom it may be disclosed, how long personally identifiable information is maintained, and how subscribers may access it. In addition, the Cable Act imposes limits on the collection and disclosure of personal information and gives subscribers the ability to enforce their privacy rights. (Personally identifiable information does not include aggregate data that does not identify a particular person.)


The Cable Act allows a provider to use its cable system to collect personally identifiable information necessary to render a cable service or other services provided to subscribers and to detect and prevent unauthorized access to services. Additional personally identifiable information may be collected with the subscriber’s prior consent. Personally identifiable information may be used or disclosed without the subscriber’s consent where necessary to render services, and to conduct legitimate business activities related to services provided.


We may be required by law to disclose personally identifiable information to a governmental entity to comply with valid legal process, such as warrants, court orders or subpoenas, but we will not disclose records revealing your selection of video programming unless we receive a court order indicating that the governmental entity has made a specified showing of relevance and you were afforded an opportunity to contest the order. We may be required to disclose personally identifiable information (including your selection of video programming) to a non-governmental entity to comply with a court order, after you have been provided notice.


If you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, please email us and we will work with you to address your concerns. If you believe that you have been aggrieved as a result of a violation of the Cable Act, you may enforce the limitations imposed by the Cable Act through a civil action in a United States district court seeking damages, attorney's fees, and litigation costs. Other rights and remedies may also be available to you under federal or other applicable laws.


The Cable Act permits the disclosure of customer names and addresses as long as a subscriber has been provided with the opportunity to prohibit or limit this disclosure and the disclosure does not reveal, directly or indirectly, the subscriber’s viewing or other uses of the cable or other services provided. If we intend to share data in this way, we will provide you with the opportunity to prohibit or limit this type of sharing.


Advertising and insights programs

Relevant Mobile Advertising

The WIT Wireless Relevant Mobile Advertising program helps make marketing you see more personalized and useful to you across the devices and services you use. This program shares information with Oath (formed by the combination of AOL and Yahoo).


The Relevant Mobile Advertising program uses your postal and email addresses; certain information about your WIT Wireless products and services such as your device type; and demographic and interest information you provide or we obtain from other companies such as your gender, age range and interests (e.g. sports fan, frequent diner or pet owner). This information may be combined with information collected by Oath advertising services on devices you use to access Oath services and visit third-party websites and apps that include Oath advertising services (such as web browsing, app usage and location), as well as information that we obtain from third-party partners and advertisers. The advertising program uses online and device identifiers including browser cookies, advertising IDs from Apple and Google, and WIT-created identifiers, including the Unique Identifier Header (or UIDH) and other IDs created to facilitate data sharing with Oath.


We do not share information that identifies you personally outside of WIT as part of this program other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us. You have a choice about participating in this program.


Business and Marketing Insights

WIT Wireless and Oath use information we have about you to create aggregate business and marketing insights. The information we use for this program and the insights we develop do not identify you individually and may be shared with third parties. The program uses WIT information about how you use your mobile device (such as web browsing, device location, and app/feature use), certain information about your WIT products and services (such as device type and amount of use), and demographic and interest information you provide or we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age range and interests). We may also use Oath information about your use of services (such as email, search, sites and apps) and visits to third-party sites and apps that include Oath services (such as web browsing, app usage and location), as well as information Oath obtains from third-party partners. The program may also use information provided by business and marketing clients who want insights related to their own businesses. WIT may also share location information with others in a way that does not personally identify you so that they may produce aggregate insights such as traffic reports. You have a choice about whether your WIT information is used for these purposes. Oath data may continue to be used to create insights even if you opt out of the use of WIT information. Additional detail about Oath information used for this program can be found in Oath’s privacy policy.


Relevant Online Advertising

The Relevant Online Advertising program helps make online ads you see more interesting and useful. The program uses information we have about your postal address and use of WIT products and services (such as service packages, Fios TV purchases and viewership categories); as well as demographic and interest information you provide or we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age-range, sports fan, frequent diner or pet owner). The program may also use information Oath or advertisers and advertising partners provide to us. We use this information to predict whether you fit within an audience an advertiser is trying to reach and to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. We do not share information that identifies you personally as part of this program other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us. You have a choice about participating in this program.


Relevant TV Advertising

WIT’s Relevant TV Advertising program helps make Fios TV ads you see more interesting and useful. The program uses information we have about your postal address and use of WIT products and services (such as service packages, connected devices, TV and video purchases and viewing data), as well as demographic and interest information you provide or we obtain from other companies (such as gender, family size, and luxury car owner). The program may also use information Oath or advertisers and advertising partners provide to us. We use the information to predict whether you fit within an audience an advertiser is trying to reach and to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Ads may be shown on the platforms where you watch Fios TV content. We do not share information that identifies you personally as part of this program other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us. You have a choice about receiving this type of advertising.


Information we share

Information shared within the WIT family of companies:

WIT shares customer information within our family of companies for a variety of purposes, including, for example, providing you with the latest information about our products and services and offering you our latest promotions. You can limit the sharing of certain types of customer information, specifically, Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and certain credit information, within the WIT family of companies for marketing services to you different from your current services.


Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is information that relates to the type, quantity, destination, technical configuration, location, amount of use and related billing information of your telecommunications or interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Federal law governs our use and sharing of CPNI. Credit information includes your credit score, information found in your consumer reports, and your account history.


We may also share information with Oath as described in this privacy policy or in a separate service-specific policy. Oath will honor the choices WIT customers make about the uses of their information when they receive and use this data.


Information shared outside the WIT family of companies:

Except as explained in this Privacy Policy, in privacy policies for specific services, or in agreements with our customers, WIT does not sell, license or share information that individually identifies our customers, people using our networks, or website visitors with others outside the WIT family of companies that are not performing work on WIT's behalf without the consent of the person whose information will be shared.


WIT uses vendors and partners for a variety of business purposes such as to help us offer, provide, repair, restore and bill for services we provide. We share information with those vendors and partners when it is necessary for them to perform work on our behalf. For example, we may provide your credit card information and billing address to our payment processing company solely for the purpose of processing payment for a transaction you have requested. We require that these vendors and partners protect the customer information we provide to them and limit their use of WIT customer data to the purposes for which it was provided. We do not permit these types of vendors and partners to use this information for their own marketing purposes.


With your authorization, we provide certain account, device, and profile data related to your WIT Wireless account to third parties for the purpose of helping companies you do business with verify your identity and help protect you against identity theft and account takeover. WIT only shares this information with third parties that are contractually required to protect your data and use it for the limited purpose of supporting identity verification. You have choices about this sharing.


As described in more detail in other sections of this policy, WIT also may share certain information with outside companies, for example, to assist with the delivery of advertising campaigns, or preparing and sharing aggregate reports. This information does not identify WIT customers individually.


WIT may publish the names, addresses and telephone numbers of wireline telephone customers ourselves or we may provide this information to directory publishers, directory assistance services, or others. These companies can use the data they receive from us in other formats or for other purposes and they may make it available to others. WIT Wireless does not publish directories of customers’ wireless phone numbers, and we do not make them available to others for listing in directories unless you request that we do so. We also provide the names and telephone numbers of wireline and wireless customers for Caller ID and similar services.


We may disclose information that individually identifies our customers or identifies customer devices in certain circumstances, such as:


to comply with valid legal process including subpoenas, court orders or search warrants, and as otherwise authorized by law; in cases involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person or other emergencies;

to protect our rights or property, or the safety of our customers or employees;

to protect against fraudulent, malicious, abusive, unauthorized or unlawful use of or subscription to our products and services and to protect our network, services, devices and users from such use;

to advance or defend against complaints or legal claims in court, administrative proceedings and elsewhere;

to credit bureaus or collection agencies to determine credit risk, for reporting purposes or to obtain payment for WIT-billed products and services;

to a third party that you have authorized to verify your account information;

when you have authorized others to authenticate you or verify your account information;

to outside auditors and regulators; or

with your consent.

When you purchase services offered jointly by WIT and a partner company or when you use features in our apps or on our sites that are provided by partners, information may be collected and used by both WIT and that partner. You should review the partner company's privacy policy as it may be different from the policy described here.


If WIT enters into a merger, acquisition or sale of all or a portion of its assets or business, customer information will also be transferred as part of or in connection with the transaction.


Information provided to or used by advertising entities or social networks

You may see third-party advertisements on some WIT websites, services, apps and devices. Some advertisements are chosen by companies that operate on our sites and other sites (for example, ad servers, ad networks, or technology platforms) to place ads on behalf of advertisers. These companies may place and access cookies on your device to collect information about your visit on websites and may collect device advertising identifiers from your mobile operating system to learn about your use of apps, including ours. The information they collect from our sites and apps is in a form that does not identify you personally and may be combined with similar data they obtain from other websites and apps to help advertisers better reach audiences they wish to target. Targeting may be accomplished by tailoring advertising to interests that they infer from your interactions on our sites and apps and your interaction with other sites and services where these companies also are present.


If you choose to interact with specific advertisers who advertise on our apps, sites or services, the information you provide to them is subject to the conditions of their specific privacy policies.


Advertising that is customized based on predictions generated from your visits over time and across different websites is sometimes called "online behavioral" or "interest-based" advertising. In accordance with industry self-regulatory principles, we require that companies disclose when they are using online behavioral advertising programs to deliver third-party ads on our sites or collecting information about your visit to our sites for these purposes and give consumers the ability to opt out of this use of their information. You will see an icon  in or around third-party advertisements that are delivered on our sites using behavioral advertising programs. Clicking on this icon will provide additional information about the companies and data practices that were used to deliver the ad as well as information on how you may opt out of these advertising programs. Additional information about your options regarding the use of your information for advertising purposes can be found below. View additional information about online behavioral advertising. Please note that WIT does not have control over or access to information contained in the cookies that are set on your computer by ad servers, ad networks or third-party advertisers.


Similarly, advertising may be customized based on predictions developed from your use of applications. This type of advertising involves the use of device advertising identifiers, and industry self-regulatory principles also apply. You can opt out of this use of your device advertising identifier by selecting "Limit Ad Tracking" or "Opt out of Interest Based Ads” from your device settings page.


View information about "cookies" and related technologies


We also may permit advertisers on our sites, apps and services to place ads based on certain information we have about your WIT products and services as well as geographic and demographic data. Information used for this purpose does not identify you individually.


WIT websites and services may include social network or other third-party plug-ins and widgets that may provide information to their associated social networks or third-parties about your interactions with WIT pages you visit or services you use, even if you do not click on or otherwise interact with the plug-in or widget.


How to limit the sharing and use of your information.

You have choices about how WIT shares and uses information.


Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Customers of WIT telecommunications and VoIP services may choose to limit the use and sharing of CPNI for WIT's marketing services outside of services you currently have. Notice about our use and sharing of CPNI and the choices you have may be provided on your monthly bill, over the phone, via text, in contracts or in other ways.


Information used for online advertising

You have choices about whether certain information collected on websites, including WIT's, is used to customize advertising based on predictions generated from your visits over time and across different websites and apps. When you see this icon  in or around an advertisement you can click on the icon to see additional information on the companies and data practices that were used to deliver the ad and descriptions of how you may opt out of these advertising programs. You may also visit Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Choices to learn more or to limit the collection of information by these parties. Similarly, many mobile devices offer controls you can set to limit the advertising use of information collected across mobile apps on your device.


Please note that many opt-outs use browser cookies or device controls and are specific to the device and browser you are using. If you buy a new computer, change web browsers or devices or delete the cookies on your computer, you may need to opt out again. In addition, ads you receive may still be tailored using other techniques such as publisher, device or browser-enabled targeting. You should check the privacy policies of the products, sites, apps and services you use to learn more about any such techniques and your options.


You also can limit the collection of certain website information by deleting or disabling cookies. Most devices’ web browsers enable you to erase stored cookies, block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Disabling cookies may prevent you from using specific features on our sites and other websites, such as ordering products or services and maintaining an online account.


View information about "cookies" and related technologies


Advertising and Insights programs:

If you opt out online, you will need your account user ID and password. Also, please note that you will receive ads whether you participate in these programs or not, but under these programs, ads may be more personalized and useful to you.


WIT Wireless customers may opt out of the Relevant Mobile Advertising or Business and Marketing Insights program by email us at or by visiting your privacy choices page in Please note that if you have multi-line account, you should indicate your opt out choice for each line. If you add a line or change a telephone number, you will need to update your privacy choices.

Customers may opt out of Verizon's Relevant TV Advertising program by following these instructions.


Working together to keep children safe.

WIT recognizes that online service providers must be vigilant in protecting the safety and privacy of children online. We do not knowingly market to or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13 without obtaining verifiable parental consent.


If you have a complaint about child pornography, the soliciting of children for sexual activity, or any other illegal or inappropriate activity involving children on a WIT service, report it to us by sending an email. Please include the words "child porn" in the subject line of your email. You can also make a report directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through CyberTipline.


Learn more about online safety tips and resources


Information security and data retention

WIT has technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to help protect against unauthorized access to, use or disclosure of customer information we collect or store, including social security numbers. Employees are trained on the importance of protecting privacy and on the proper access to, use and disclosure of customer information. Under our practices and policies, access to sensitive personally identifiable information is authorized only for those who have a business need for such access. Personally identifiable and other sensitive records are retained only as long as reasonably necessary for business, accounting, tax or legal purposes.


Although we work hard to protect personal information that we collect and store, no program is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use or disclose personal information. WIT maintains security and incident response plans to handle incidents involving unauthorized access to private information we collect or store.


If you become aware of a security issue, please contact WIT's Security Control Center. We will work with you to address any problems.


WIT often publishes helpful information about a wide range of scams that you may encounter.


Learn more about Internet and phone scams and tips on how to protect yourself


Accessing and updating your information

We want our customer records to be as accurate as possible. You may correct or update your WIT wireline customer information by email us at


Fios and other customers served over our fiber-to-the-premises network who would like to see their personally identifiable information may email us to arrange a time and convenient location to do so during business hours. You will need to provide proper identification and you may examine records that contain personally identifiable information about you and no one else. If you believe any of your personally identifiable information is inaccurate, we will work with you to ensure that corrections are made. WIT reserves the right to charge you for the cost of photocopying any documents you request.


Information sharing: Blogs and social networking

Some WIT websites, apps and services allow you to participate in blog discussions, message boards, chat rooms, and other forms of social networking and to post reviews. These forums are accessible to others and information you post can be read, collected, shared, or otherwise used by anyone who accesses the forum. If you post content to information sharing forums, including any information about the movies you rent or view, you are doing so by choice and you are providing consent to the disclosure of this information.


Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy, so please check back periodically for changes. You will be able to see that changes have been made by checking to see the effective date posted at the end of the policy. If WIT elects to use or disclose information that identifies you as an individual in a manner that is materially different from that stated in our policy at the time we collected that information from you, we will give you a choice regarding such use or disclosure by appropriate means, which may include use of an opt-out mechanism.


View recent changes to privacy policy


Updated August, 2019


© 2009, 2011-2019 WIT. All Rights Reserved.


Contact us

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions related to our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, e-mail us or contact us at:


WIT Privacy Office mail box : 16850 collins ave 112 unit 318 north Miami fl 33160

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