Video telematics solutions are integrated with AI-powered dashcam to assist fleet managers to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase overall fleet safety through both offline and real-time driver coaching.  GPS Tracking with Real time video  #UnCarrier #BETTERTOGETHER #iotsolutions #iotconnectivity  #iotplatform #iotdevices  #tmobileforbusiness #iottechnology #claroempresas #riskmanagement #riskmitigation #riskmanagers #riskassessments #safetymanagement
Make better use of the fleet with real-time visibility Never lose track of your fleet and driver. With real-time GPS tracking, live streaming video, insightful reports, fuel consumption control, driving behavior monitoring, routing management, alarm and notification system, you can view vehicle inspection information all from the Tracksolid platform

Get 3-IN-1 AI video telematics solution that gives you, Video, GPS Tracking and 2-Way Audio into one simple to use and cost effective solution with real time and historical access.

Enjoy Low Month-to-month Pricing With No Long-term Contracts and all inclusive solution easy to use and fast to implement.  AI Road-facing or dual-facing dashcam with Live streaming, GPS Tracking and 2-Way Audio Speaker
AI Dashcam Stop accidents and detect unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy.
Get 3-IN-1 Video Telematics that combines, Viode- GPS and 2-Way Audio into one simple to use and cost effective solution.   Quickly resolve disputes resulting from traffic accidents.    Our 4G LTE GPS dual-lens dash cameras with 2-way speaker can be accessed via our cloud-based platform and mobile App. Now you can track and monitor real-time and historical, video, GPS, and 2-way audio for your entire fleet.

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Improve driving styles to minimize maintenance costs and insurance claims. With the help of DMS technology, fleet managers can gain insight into driving information collected from the video telematics device. Alert and coach the driver when the following driving behavior are detected:

Intuitive, easy to use web-based platform with minimal training time required

GPS fleet tracking solutions, geo-fences, alerts via email and text messages
Complete GPS Fleet Tracking solution included with no additional cost - Get routes, Stops and more
FNOLFirst Notice of Loss (FNOL) enables policyholders to easily and quickly report a loss within seconds, sometimes insurers can be aware of the loss even earlier than them. It allows insurers to take immediate measures to handle the problem, avoiding the management of claims of vehicle loss.   1080p HD Video RecordingWith a dashcam providing excellent quality video of important vehicle events, insurance companies can analyze after-accident visibility in every detail, thereby providing evidence that can exonerate drivers for no-fault incidents and avoiding unreasonable claims.
Protect your business Use HD video evidence to prove innocence and avoid third-party liability.
Coaching that works Automate coaching post-trip using contextualized video for clear visual examples.
“We were able to reduce accidents by 32% annually by objectively identifying behavior on the front-end rather than the backend.”
Real-time alerting The AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving with industry-leading precision and instantly alerts drivers.