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The JC400 EdgeCam 2 is the ideal companion for daily driving and long-distance travel. As a dual channel dash cam, it has a front camera to record what is happening on the road, and a detached cabin-facing camera that records every detail inside the car. As an integrated product, the JC400 Dual Channel Dash Cam features live tracking and video capture, G-sensor, emergency calls, and more, making it the perfect choice to deter crime, record bad motorists, and more quickly resolve disputes resulting from traffic accidents.

Multi Camera GPS 
4G LTE Dash Cameras 

Upgrade your GPS tracking with our multi-channel GPS  dash cam solution with 2 and 4 cameras (front camera to record what is happening on the road, cabin-facing camera, cargo and back view camera) now you get a 360 real-time view of your fleet to improve vehicles, drivers and cargo safety.

What companies find within days of using our solution 


Multi Channel GPS Cellular Dash-Cam with 2-Way Audio and Sensor Integration

The JC450 has 1 built-in camera (720P by default or 1080P upon your request) and supports up to 3 remote cameras (optional) to monitor the outside, the cabin, the sides, the rear, or the driver of a vehicle regardless of it being in motion or parking. Some of the cameras can even sound alerts to remind drivers or passengers of any potential risks.
LTE dashcam system designed specifically for use in commercial vehicles, is capable of recording 4 separate channels simultaneously, and provides valuable ADAS and DMS algorithms that actively assist drivers increase awareness and safety on the road by providing real-time, actionable alerts. Video clips triggered by key events or the in-cab SOS button are saved to the cloud for later review or evidentiary support.
Video Visibility via 2 and 4 Channels in Real-time
Driver Fatigue/Distraction Monitoring (DMS) The DMS camera (optional) can track the driver's face to monitor their attentiveness and warn them with in-cab alerts if needed.

Improve Risk Management with Dash Cameras 

Using in-cab technology to determine if your drivers and vehicles are operating safely can be critical to helping you reduce risk and protect your brand. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that onboard video systems provide valuable information for evaluating the circumstances leading to a crash. Having the opportunity to examine evidence leading up to an event or accident can exonerate an innocent driver, reducing potential liability and resulting in improved CSA scores.

Video Demo

DASH CAM 02.png

Return on Investment

Dash-cam video technology can lower your insurance rates and/or claims when a driver is found not to be at fault for a crash. Additionally, most dash-mounted cameras can be used as a still camera for post-accident documentation. When it comes to your company’s bottom line, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Combined with timely driver coaching, dash cams provide a tremendous return on investment.

Series AI DashCam Optimal Solution for Commercial Fleets

Intuitive, easy to use complete GPS tracking web-based platform with minimal training time required

GPS fleet tracking solutions, geo-fences, alerts via email and text messages
Complete GPS Fleet Tracking solution included with no additional cost - Get routes, Stops and more
Critical Video to Cloud Worry that critical video footage about collisions or other events overwritten by loop recording or be deleted accidentally or on purpose on your device? No worries. These data will remain unaffected by loop recording and will be uploaded to the platform for storage. They can be used as evidentiary support if any dispute arises in the near future. Jimilabs JC400
FNOLFirst Notice of Loss (FNOL) enables policyholders to easily and quickly report a loss within seconds, sometimes insurers can be aware of the loss even earlier than them. It allows insurers to take immediate measures to handle the problem, avoiding the management of claims of vehicle loss.   1080p HD Video RecordingWith a dashcam providing excellent quality video of important vehicle events, insurance companies can analyze after-accident visibility in every detail, thereby providing evidence that can exonerate drivers for no-fault incidents and avoiding unreasonable claims.
Coaching that works Automate coaching post-trip using contextualized video for clear visual examples.

Use video technology powered by cloud-based software to mitigate risk and protect your most important assets, your employees—capture and address safety risks in real-time across your operations.

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, distracted driving, and more, with HD footage uploaded to the cloud and tagged with behaviors within minutes of an event occurring, providing you with context.

Conduct training on the road with live streaming- Coach your team.

Now you have the power of evidence to better manage incidents with real-time and historical video both inside the vehicle and forward-facing. Also, get real-time GPS location status and alerts about driving behavior.

“We were able to reduce accidents by 32% annually by objectively identifying behavior on the front-end rather than the backend.”
Real-time alerting The AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving with industry-leading precision and instantly alerts drivers.
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