We help business answer the question:
How many of that do we have and how many were dispatched?
Witzense Hosted RFID Inventory & Asset Tracking Platform    

Industries that benefit from RIFD Tracking   

Distribution & Logistics

Inventory In & Out 

Medical Marijuana Growers

Inventory Control and Security 

Medical Cannabis Distributors

Inventory Control and Security 

RFID Inventory tracking solutions for warehousing and distribution
RFID tracking solutions for Medical marijuana farmers, growers and distributors
RFID tracking solutions for medical cannabis retailers, farmers, growers and distributors

Food Safety 

From Farm to Fork Tracking 

Document Tracking 

Legal & Medical  Documents

Office Asset Tracking 

Laptops - Tablets -Printers, Etc.

Food safety with rfid technologies from the farm to the consumer table  - Use RFID to track perishables
RFID real time document tracking with cloud based platform  - Never lose that document
Image by Julian Hochgesang

How Does it Work ? 

How does rfid inventory tracking work ? why use RFID for inventory control ?

What are the Benefits ? 

Optimize Business Speed
Gain Real Time Control
what are the operational benefits of RFID and what are the financial benefits ?
Find specific boxes withing min or sec
Real time inventory count from cloud-based platform
Integrate remote operatiosn under one platform
Never lose another pallet or box
Accurate financial management and control
Sleep better with peace of mind :)