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1) All services are pre-paid and payment is due the first day of each month- Customer pays for the entire month in advance.
2) All equipment must be paid in full the time of order
3) The equipment has 12 month warranty as per manufacturer
4) All professional services will be quoted and billed as per the scope of work including all travel and related expenses.
5) Late payments will be subject to a $45 fee per each month of unpaid bills.
6) Should the customer fail to timely pay for products and/or services, the customer agrees to be responsible for the cost of WIT collections efforts including but limited to all attorney fees.

 * Cancellations need to be notified with at least 60 days’ notice so the service does not fall on billing cycle - Cancellation occurring after day 5th of the month will undergo 2 billing cycles. * All technical support provided over the phone will be free of charge.  Basic configuration changes such as names, users, general access, questions regarding the system, standard system set up and basic reports will be offered free of charge. Any change that requires design or special configurations will have a service fee of $125 per hour plus all travel expenses will be paid by the customer as incurred.  *  All service calls that require our personnel to travel to the customer's site will have a standard fee of $125 per hour (All material or equipment required to complete the job will be billed separately as incurred) *  Customer understands that our company has no control over any of cellular or telecommunications transportation services, its quality or coverage, therefore, hold COMPANY, AFFILIATES AND PARTNERS  harmless and not responsible for the service interruption due to no Internet, network connectivity or any and all external causes.  


Customers/users understand and agree to subscribe to our services following their sole decision after they have carefully reviewed, evaluated all of our products and services features, capabilities, warranties, and limitations. Further, they fully understand and know that all technology products fail without advance notices or rational explanation. 
All products are sold and available as is, with manufacturer limitations and limited warranties. WIT, its partners and affiliates, declines any warranties, which go beyond manufacturer warranty.  Customer, buyer, licensee or reader bears the risks and responsibility of all their errors and negligence which might take place during the use of the products and services (the documentation, etc.). WIT and all its contractual partners shall not be responsible for direct and indirect damages or losses including but not limited to, loss of revenue, personal injury, property loss of business information or any other kind of commercial loss, which is caused by use or inability to use the product. 
Should customer fail to timely pay for products and/or services, the customer agrees to be responsible for the cost of WIT collections efforts including but limited to all attorney fees.
The customer agrees that the only dispute resolution shall be by arbitration guided by the rules of the national arbitration association. Further, the customer agrees that the venue for any dispute resolution shall be Miami Dade county, Florida USA. 

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