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What is a 3G Cellular sunset (i.e. network shutdown date)?

Simply put is the end of the 3G cellular networks and all devices irrespective of function will no longer work if they use a 3G cellular module.

For example, if your GPS tracking system is using a 3G or 2G GPS tracker, it will stop working, once the 3G Networks is turned off -Please note that 2G networks were turned off as early as 2019.

By the end of 2022, many of the U.S.'s largest wireless carriers will shut down their 3G networks. This is known as the 3G sunset or retirement. When operators like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile shut off this cellular infrastructure, 3G devices based on this network technology will no longer have a connection. offers a tested in US 4G LTE GPS trackers fully integrated into our cloud-based web and mobile App.

When are operators sunsetting their 3G networks?

In the U.S., several operators have announced their plans to sunset their 3G services. Verizon initially planned to shut down 3G at the end of 2020 and delayed it to 2022. Similarly, T-Mobile had planned to sunset 3G in January 2021 but delayed it as well.

Currently, the following U.S. wireless carriers have announced these

Cell phone 3G sunset / network shutdown dates:

Verizon: December 2022

AT&T: February 2022

T-Mobile (Sprint): January 2022 (CDMA network) They will also retire all 4G LTE networks in June 2022

T-Mobile: July 2022

Around the world, 3G networks have already been shut down or are also in the process of phasing it out.

In February 2019, we publicly announced a plan to sunset our 3G wireless network, and we just ended service on February 22, 2022.

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