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Real Time Global GPS Tracker Ankle Bracelet  (volumen discount available)


4G & CATM1 GPS Parolees, offenders, probationers, and COVID19 patients.


Real Time Tracking via Cloud Based Platform

Parole, COVID19 Quarantine, Law enforcement Solutions 


Specially designed for the tracking and management of parolees, offenders, probationers, and COVID19 patients. The device is widely used in correctional services to ensure our communities are safe. The device comes with adjustable fiber optic shank band which can be worn by the parolee, offender, probationers and COVID19 patients with comfort. The device offers visibility and multiple events including zone management, fiber optic disconnect, motion, entering and leaving home etc. This is an LTE CAT-1 enabled device with highly sensitive GPS to offer pin point positioning.


Global SIM connectivity for 2G, 3G and CATM1 in over 90 countries with the best priced gloabl data plans in the market. 


4G/LTE Real-Time Fleet Tracking, Driver Scorecard, Location and History, Lifetime Warranty. Text and/or Email Alerts, No Extra Fees. 10 to 60 Second Updates Included. Easy Installation. Money Back Guarantee. PTO Support Included. No Contracts.


Low monthly cost and no contracts


With today's technology you can track your loved ones anytime using our GPS bracelets. Locate Your Loved Ones with a Specialized GPS Bracelet for Dementia & Alzheimer's Patients. Easy as Pressing a Button. For Alzheimer's Patients. GPS Watch for Adults.

Real Time Global GPS Tracker Ankle Bracelet

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