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The first-ever mobile video recorder embedded with a specific AI CPU, which is crafted and developed by Howen and the chipset supplier of DJI. The extrodinary processing capability empowers the AI MDVR to cope with any heavy duties 20+ times faster than conventional MDVRs.



Product description:

  • Supports up to 8 ch AHD 1080p cameras
  • Industry-leading AI CPU with powerful processing ability
  • Self-improving detection accuracy by machine learning
  • Algorithm can be updated by OTA, open for embedding algorithm
  • Detecting speed surpass over 20 times than conventional MDVR
  • Supports up to 4TB HDD/SSD for recording.
  • Smart H.245 video compression algorithm
  • Support integration with DMS and ADAS
  • Certificated protection structure of IP54 and MIL
  • Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission
  • Support 3G/4G, WIFI, GPS modules
  • Support built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration detection
  • Support 1x USB3.0 front panel USB, for upgrading, and exporting video
  • Support 8-36V wide range power input, adapt to the harsh environment
  • Data self-protection, save data when shut down abnormally

8 Channel AI powered MDVR

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